We’re Fluent In Licenses, Leases and Legalese.

How The Leasing Process Works

All UF personnel affiliated with a college, department or user group and looking to lease space will need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Contact the Office of Real Estate
  2. Provide the necessary information on the Preliminary Request Form
  3. Submit your information to tjones25@ufl.edu

The Office of Real Estate staff will then:

  1. Consult with you to determine the best course of action
  2. Perform a market survey, which may include a broker
  3. Coordinate a tour of the most favorable locations
  4. Ensure all university requirements and state rules and regulations are followed
  5. Coordinate any negotiations with the selected location
  6. Provide all necessary services such as real estate expertise, financial analysis, document reviews and legal coordination
  7. Assist user group in making an informed decision to select final location


The Office of Real Estate is uniquely positioned to assist throughout the acquisition process. If there is a property you think UF would be interested in acquiring, please contact us at realestate@ad.ufl.edu or (352) 294-3660.

Donations & Gifts

If you have a property you'd like us to consider as a gift to the University, contact us at realestate@ad.ufl.edu or (352) 294-3660. We’ll connect you with the Planned Giving Team at the University of Florida Foundation.